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Texas is a Strong Data Center Market

The data and information sector is growing exponentially. Texas is proving to be a hotbed for the data center market, and that means a ton of new jobs, infrastructure, and market growth across a number of different industries. What makes Texas the center of the...

NEC Code Changes Under Review

The NEC 2020 Code Review is under way, and it has broad implications for data center design and electrical installation of any kind. Comp-Utility is committed to staying up-to-date on all requirements to deliver the most safe and effective installations...

The Risks of Counterfeit Electrical Devices

Great information over at the Eaton blog about suspect electical devices. Your service providers should have good relationships with reputable suppliers, and when it comes to UPS systems and other electical power equipment, safety is a key concern. Make...

Why You Need to Select the Right UPS

Keeping the power pumping through a call center or network hub is crucial to the role they play in corporations and citizens’ lives. In order to make sure that any emergency that may come up does not hinder the ability for a data or network center to keep running, a...

The Basics of Data Center Design – Part II

Eliminating recurring problems is always a plus when depending on a network. There are underlying basics that can eliminate some of the causes of problems. In the last issue we discussed the use of power back up systems to eliminate power problems and provide your...

The Basics of Data Center Design – Part I

[This is the first article in a series dedicated to simplifying information technology for the medical professional, with an emphasis on practical advice and useful solutions to common problems.] As your practice has grown, you’ve continued to upgrade your computer...


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