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CUC employs a full-time Registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in selecting, designing and installing the components represented in the CUC product line. Whether you are designing a new site or upgrading an existing one, our data center design consultants provide the correct equipment selection and can guide you right through plans and specifications. CUC can also provide written technical reports for project justifications.

CUC employs project managers who are responsible for ensuring complete client satisfaction. These client-oriented professionals act as the client’s advocate, interfacing with CUC management, its manufacturers and installation crafts. This puts an expert in your pocket for resolving any site issues effectively and expeditiously.

Whether you are considering a complete facility, a UPS, or storage requirements — the data center design consultants at CUC offer a complete turnkey solution.

Photo by Leslie Collier

Photo by Leslie Collier

Automated Information Services
Pricing Schedule Per Man-Hour (4-hour minimum)

 Item #Product Description  Retail Price U.S. Dollars
 1PROF Site Engineering 185.00
 2PROF Office Engineering  165.00
 3PROF Site Project Mgmt  95.00
 4PROF Office Project Mgmt  85.00
 5TECHUPS Service/Repair 175.00
 6TECHNetwork Cabling 78.00
 7TECH Access Floor, Furniture Assembly 62.00

More on Data Center Design and Consulting

The best thing about a properly designed data center is that it makes the lives of everyone involved in a company or organization’s life easier.  A data center should keep everything necessary to the function of a business organized and run smoothly. The reliability of the data center is often what makes or breaks an IT-related workforce, and for most, there are few problems. That’s because a lot of thought goes into designing a data center. Here’s what to remember when moving forward with a contractor on a new data center design.

Know What you Need

Any good consultant will go through this with you, but before making an appointment for that first meeting, consider your needs. This means not only what output your company is dealing with, but how the future may change your needs and operations. Major cloud providers anticipate they will need to triple infrastructure annually. That means if you have not moved digital yet, there is a good chance that it will happen in the future, and that could call for more technological capabilities in your newly designed data center. Avoid having to repeat the process 5 years down the line and insist that the future be a part of present talks on a new design.

Encourage Input from Employees

You and your staff are the ones who actually will be using the data center to get jobs and tasks done, so do not leave anyone out. Even entry level workers who access the data supplied and stored in these centers should at least be in an informational meeting. Ask ahead of time for employees to write down concerns and questions if presence in a meeting is unlikely. The contractors have likely heard these questions before, but every company is different. That means different needs and requirements, and nobody knows the job better than those in the positions themselves.

Go with Experienced Contractors

There’s no need to work with someone who may be new to the industry. Likewise, no contractor is going to understand data center design within a year or two of starting out. Don’t be a guinea pig job for a new company: go with proven professionals. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it is likely that you are in need of this data center as quickly as possible. Consider the way that many contractors work as well; some newer ones may be troubleshooting when experienced professionals already know how to jump through hurdles that pop up on the job.

There are a lot of reasons to build new data centers, as well as update existing systems. As the world moves into the cloud and more and more digital-focused, less may be physically asked of a local data center, but the computers to do so will still need a stable environment. Finding a contractor who understands the needs of a business is tough, but Comp-Utility has the capabilities to do so thanks to experience and know-how that comes with working in the industry for years.

Notes from Our Clients

What People Are Saying


Thursday and Friday went great. Jon was here knocking things out. He was able to provide a lot of feedback for efficiency throughout the suite. UPS is up and running, as are the serevers. A few small hiccups on the software side, but hardware was rock solid.

You guys were a tremendous help, and I could not have asked for a better partner for this process. Tell your team they did an amazing job, and I will pass your information to anyone I can.

Kyle Bolls
CFO, Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas





As always you guys came through; Larry is very professional and knows his stuff. He works under the radar meaning he is not interfering with our work flow while doing his job. We will always continue to utilize your company because of the great customer service but most of all great results.

Tyrone Carter
Administrator, Austin Urgent and Family Care



Over my career I have overseen the build out of many server rooms and have seen good and bad work. Comp-Utility was better than other vendors I have dealt with. They always hit their deadlines and came in on weekends when necessary to do so.

Brian Washer
Net Suite


Randy and his staff were extremely open to helping me determine exactly what was needed in our temporary location and what would be required in our new permanent office to make our network function optimally. I would not hesitate to recommend Randy and his group to anyone.

Linda F. Hammons
Practice Manager, The Urology Team P.A.



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