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The uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or battery backup, is a critical link in the power quality chain, serving as the continuous power source between your data and more powerful backup generators. The power stored inside the UPS is always available to your equipment while generators come online.

We evaluate your needs and recommend the best UPS selection for your needs. Whether it’s updating a legacy battery backup system or making the right selection for a completely new facility, Comp-Utility knows exactly what to assess to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Comp-Utility Corporation is most fluent and familiar with Schneider Electric IT/American Power Conversion and Eaton power products which provide a full line of UPS systems. However, we remain vendor neutral and can provide most any desired, established brand.

Contact us today to learn about the wide range of features and capabilities available in modern UPS systems and electrical distribution components.

Protect and Plan for Digital Disaster with a UPS Battery Backup

It’s crucial to plan for even the worst circumstances. In order to keep all digital and electrical devices safe, many turn to a UPS battery backup to ensure the safety of the products that keep many businesses, hypercomputing hubs, and factories running. A UPS, also known as an uninterrupted power supply, is a failsafe for computers and systems when the power from their primary source cuts out. This critical backup power source for computing networks also serves as a power surge protector, allowing machines and mechanisms to continue running in the event of a disaster. Hospitals, network centers, and even traditional offices utilize UPS technologies for keeping things running when power problems are out of their hands.

When shopping around for a UPS, there are two primary routes to follow that depend on whether or not you are shopping for a server UPS system or a desktop UPS system. Server UPS systems require more protection for data centers and server rooms, whereas desktop UPS systems are more for small offices like a medical group.

The three key areas of importance in a UPS all affect the price and output of a specific UPS device. First of all, the power and reliability of the battery backups vary in size and capability depending on the system it is setup to protect. Also, the sort of electromagnetic line noise and surge protection shields included can determine the effectiveness of a UPS. Finally, voltage regulation can vary from one UPS system to another. This key area of a UPS determines how long the battery on the UPS can run, and in the event of a disastrous situation occurring at a critical data hub or network system, that battery runtime can often mean the difference between a slight bump in the road or a complete wreck.

Depending on each individual IT manager’s needs, UPS solutions vary in cost, power, and protection. Before shopping for a UPS, determining power and backup runtime needs can help narrow down the field of possible purchases. Additionally, take note of voltage and receptacle requirements, which will ensure that every aspect of a server or system is protected no matter what. Sharing with your vendor where the UPS system will be installed, as well as the power it will need to keep things running, ensures that the UPS can do its job correctly. With the peace of mind provided by a UPS system, IT solution teams can swiftly confirm operations have not been interrupted, rather than wondering when critical power will return.

Comp-Utility Corporation is proud to carry and recommend industry-leading UPS battery backups from Eaton and Schneider/APC. Browse our best-selling UPS systems below.

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Thursday and Friday went great. Jon was here knocking things out. He was able to provide a lot of feedback for efficiency throughout the suite. UPS is up and running, as are the serevers. A few small hiccups on the software side, but hardware was rock solid.

You guys were a tremendous help, and I could not have asked for a better partner for this process. Tell your team they did an amazing job, and I will pass your information to anyone I can.

Kyle Bolls
CFO, Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas





As always you guys came through; Larry is very professional and knows his stuff. He works under the radar meaning he is not interfering with our work flow while doing his job. We will always continue to utilize your company because of the great customer service but most of all great results.

Tyrone Carter
Administrator, Austin Urgent and Family Care



Over my career I have overseen the build out of many server rooms and have seen good and bad work. Comp-Utility was better than other vendors I have dealt with. They always hit their deadlines and came in on weekends when necessary to do so.

Brian Washer
Net Suite


Randy and his staff were extremely open to helping me determine exactly what was needed in our temporary location and what would be required in our new permanent office to make our network function optimally. I would not hesitate to recommend Randy and his group to anyone.

Linda F. Hammons
Practice Manager, The Urology Team P.A.



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