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Who We Serve

Comp-Utility Corporation (CUC) is a facilities engineering and construction company specializing in design and construction of mission-critical network operation centers (NOCs), data centers, computer rooms, and telecom facilities. Our customer base includes information systems and telecom executives, facilities engineers, architects, and contractors. Our geographic area is unlimited.

What We Do

We make your life easier by minimizing your facilities headaches. We understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to select the appropriate equipment and software for a reliable network – without the additional worries of power outages, overheating, space utilization, and poorly marked cabling systems. We find most IT clients’ interests lie in network components and software selection. We provide mission-critical infrastructures that are friendly to network equipment, so you can focus on the parts of the system you know best and leave those other headaches to us.

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More Specifically:

  • Power, cooling and cabling solutions for the smallest rack to the largest data center.
  • Pre-sales technical expertise to specify the project with the right, most cost effective solution for the customer
  • Turnkey electrical and cooling engineering, installation and supervision
  • World class, local, dedicated service engineers for start-up and post-sales service

Applications We Look For

  • IT Clients looking for turnkey solutions
  • IT Clients with data centers including replacement of older systems and efficiency upgrades
  • IT Clients prime for consolidation – many small units converted to mid-range or larger systems
  • Roll-outs/refresh networking gear (campuses of ISD’s, hospitals, retail, companies with multiple sites)
  • Green initiatives (improve efficiency, reduce heat dissipation, and save on utility bills)
  • Annuity Business (service agreements, battery replacement, modular upgrades)

Topics of Discussion

  • Are you tasked with increasing efficiency?
  • Are you out of power or space?
  • Are you being asked for consumption and efficiency reports ?
  • Do you need to monitor distributed systems at multiple locations from one screen shot?
  • Do you need more power to your racks?
  • Do you have hot spots?
  • Do you need your power monitoring plugged into VMware?

CUC’s Turnkey Facilities Engineering Products and Services Include:

  • Power Quality Systems, grounding, and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  • Voice/Data Cabling and premise distribution (copper, fiber, overhead, underground)
  • Precision Cooling and control, Redundant Cooling Systems
  • Systems Furniture, cabinetry, racks and equipment storage systems
  • Remote Monitoring and control of equipment
  • Access Flooring
  • Turnkey Computer/Telecom Room Design/Build

Your goal is to have a well-designed, coordinated, fully functional, and reliable network. We bring you the facilities expertise to help you achieve this goal.

How We Do It

With our buying power, CUC maintains strategic partnerships with leading industry manufacturers of data center support equipment, components, and services. These are independent relationships, not guided by quotas or sales goals. We take great pride in our reputation for determining the right equipment for each project — and that guides our purchasing recommendations to our customers.

Upon receiving an inquiry, a Project Engineer is assigned to quickly guide the customer through the process of project definition. These client-oriented professionals act as the client’s advocate, interfacing with CUC management, its manufacturers and installation crafts. This puts an expert in your pocket for resolving any site issues effectively and expeditiously. The project may involve a single UPS, or an entire data center construction project – in either case, our goal is to simplify your complex decisions.

We are involved in every phase of the fulfillment process. We track shipments, even accept deliveries and store equipment and materials, if necessary. We also perform in-house installation services with a trained staff of craftsmen who believe in their work. We are hands-on project managers and speed up the construction process by thinking ahead. We also offer service plans to maintain equipment in future years.

Why Comp-Utility?

Comp-Utility (CUC) is uniquely qualified to provide stable and reliable infrastructures and components. Our experience includes designing and installing some of the most mission critical network operation centers (NOCs), data centers, computer rooms and telecom facilities in the world.

It is imperative that support equipment, cabling systems, and cabinetry act as a system – and we guarantee compatibility. We pledge thoughtful operation of the system and expert advice on its day-to-day operation and future maintenance requirements. We promise you that in a side-by-side comparison, we provide a product no one else offers.

From the date of receipt of the request for quotation through the life of the systems, we will ensure accurate technical information and professionalism, not typically found with the average suppliers of these systems. Our trademark is implementing systems that reduce problems, very often to the point of eliminating the problems entirely.

We offer direct factory service on all equipment with the fastest response times in the industry and 7×24 emergency repairs. We also provide systems that are fault tolerant with redundancy built-in. Only force majeure would keep your certified CUC provided equipment from furnishing dependable service at any time.

Access flooring installed under network operations center control room.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Comp-Utility for Your NOC or Datacenter Design/Build Needs:

  1. We will directly oversee and influence the design and implementation of the system.
  2. Equipment and materials offered are built by the major manufacturers in each category.
  3. Our product line covers virtually every computer and telecom room application.
  4. The recurring nature of our business promotes an active partnership with our customers.
  5. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  6. We offer the total solution — sole accountability.
  7. We have a written safety policy and a written employee drug testing program.
  8. Leading companies use us for their mission-critical applications.
  9. Most of our business is repeat business.
  10. We are members of the United States and Austin Chambers of Commerce, CATA, CTLA and produce a charity benefit each year.
Your Team

Meet Our Staff

Randy Collier

CEO/President, 1992-Present

Comp-Utility Corporation is privately held and was formed in 1992 by Randy Collier (President). Randy began designing and installing data centers and support equipment in 1984, upon receiving his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Also in 1992, Randy obtained his Texas Professional Engineering License (75386) and Texas Mechanical License TACLA010344C. He has built some of the largest data centers in Texas and his experience includes thousands of network installations.

Larry Knapp

Manager of Field Operations and Service, 1992-Present

Larry Knapp has construction, moving and maintenance experience dating back to the 1970’s. In 1990, he began working for Randy at Computex Support Services until Comp-Utility was formed in 1992, when he became one of Comp-Utility’s first employees. He is cross-trained and very knowledgeable about all of the products and services Comp-Utility offers and has first-hand knowledge of the critical nature of network equipment and computer operations. He has performed work at thousands of customer sites, worked with all levels of management and has a distinct history of meeting and/or exceeding customer expectations.

CUC’s installation team has been assembled from some of the industry’s finest craftsmen, each chosen for their own specialized technical ability and expertise. Our people are timely and efficient. They are cross-trained in the field and have attended training courses with some of the best manufacturers and service organizations in our industry. They pride themselves in  a job well done and on time.

All of us here at CUC strive to recognize and evaluate requirements of the job to provide a complete package of products and services designed to keep your systems running. We have a sincere interest in providing our clients with prompt, professional, accurate information and technical assistance that reaches beyond the customary contractor’s or supplier’s technique.

Our Values

Comp-Utility was formed on November 2, 1992. Placing their trust in us, we have served hundreds of IT managers, CEOs, Presidents and Business Leaders. Our work inspires us to be the most qualified resource for mission-critical electrical, cooling and cabling systems infrastructure in the world. Without YOU and your efforts, we would not be here today. We understand that, and appreciate all that you do.


We will not compromise our individual or corporate integrity for any reason. Everyone will be held to the highest ethical standards in all business dealings, both internal and external to the company. Every individual pledges to preserve the corporate integrity.


Success will result if we adopt the objectives of our clients and dedicate ourselves to the achievement of their goals. We must understand our clients’ long-term operational objectives and orient our work to achieve these objectives, rather than simply fulfill a short-term need.


Teams work. The collective efforts of varied specialists will produce extraordinary results as compared to those who act alone. Devotion to the team ethic will result in personal achievements beyond one’s own capabilities.

Value-Added Service

Deliver value every day. Exceed our clients’ expectations by maintaining standards of value-added services well above the norms of our industry. Seek not only to deliver what is asked of us, but offer to provide what is needed. There is little traffic on the extra mile.

Our People

Our continued success is reliant upon our ability to attract and motivate leaders of character throughout the organization. If we invest in people who demonstrate integrity and achievement, success will be the natural consequence. Principled leadership and technical competence will never become obsolete.


Pursue excellence in all of our professional endeavors. Let this dedication to quality differentiate us.

No Conflicts Of Interest

Inform our clients of any potential conflicts, whether real or perceived. Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.


Give back to the communities where we live and work. Support causes that are greater than our organization and ourselves. Our communities deserve to benefit from our leadership and success. (See sentinelpeakpreserve.org)


Demonstrate care and respect for all people, internal and external. Respect for one another transcends our professional agenda.


Balanced lives will make for a healthier and consistently productive organization. While hard work and devotion to our profession are desired qualities, all employees are encouraged to balance the priorities of their faith, family, vocation, community, and self.

Thank you for trusting Comp-Utility with your mission-critical equipment and services!


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