The data and information sector is growing exponentially. Texas is proving to be a hotbed for the data center market, and that means a ton of new jobs, infrastructure, and market growth across a number of different industries. What makes Texas the center of the movement? It turns out, just about everything.


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The Data Center Market Boom – Why Texas?

Data centers have popped up all over the country in unprecedented numbers over the past 5 years. In the U.S., no state is embracing the information sector like Texas. Houston, DFW, Austin, and San Antonio are by far the biggest markets for new and prospective data centers, so what makes these cities so enticing for business owners?

A few things to keep in mind when opening and maintaining a data center is the unique neccesities that go into that particular building’s infrastrucutre. Not only do buildings need to be wired and capable of hosting a data center, but costs from everything ranging between real estate and electrical power itself go into the appeal of a state like Texas. Here’s what makes the Longhorn State such an attractive place to set up shop.


Low Power Costs

Data center need a ton of power to operate, and that doesn’t even take into consideration backup and emergency power sources that stay ready in case of trouble. Not only are costs lower than nearly everywhere else in the country, but nearly every size data center can expect connectivity thanks to an already well organized telecommunications network.


Established Telecommunications Infrastructure

A huge plus to the state of Texas is the already established internet cabling that dates back to the boom of the utility. Not only are a number of buildings already fitted with cabling ready for connectivity, but buildings being built now are easy to get connected. There are a number of companies already operating in Texas that have mastered the process of getting old and new buildings connected to the deep network running through the major cities of Texas. It’s only a matter of buying or building the actual space, of which there is plenty of room for continued growth.


Easy Access to Major Cities from Smaller Neighboring Towns

There are a ton of smaller towns just outside of major cities like Houston and Austin that have the space and proximity that many companies search for. Setting up shop in a town like Frisco or Plano means you have a decreased cost in real estate space, but allow yourself the benefit of being close to all that major cities have to offer. That means low power costs and telecommunications are usually easy to take advantage of, even if you operate outside of the major city’s limits.

Texas is booming thanks to the ever-growing data center market, and signs only point to continued growth. For that reason, Texas is the perfect place to either relocate or start a business that relies on 21st century data center technology and the perks that come with the nation’s best resources.