Coatings technology company Belzona has an excellent post about data center maintenance at their blog. We’d like to share this insightful excerpt about Types of Data Centers with Comp-Utility Corp readers:


Types of Data Centers

Data centers represent an expansive and profitable market. There are currently three main types of data centers: on-premises, colocation, and cloud.

  • On-premises. Client company is responsible for their own equipment (owning, using, and maintaining), infrastructure, and entire operating costs (power cost, cooling, communications, data center floor space). Regulations (concerning sensitive data), security, and accessibility are some of the reasons companies choose on-premises data centers. These data centers are becoming less common.
  • Colocation. Client company is responsible for their own equipment but share operating costs with other companies.2 Some colocation providers also offer maintenance. Regulations, security, shortage of existing data center, secondary back up data center are some of the reasons companies choose colocation data centers.
  • Cloud: Cloud providers supply the client company with equipment (servers, storage, and network) and manage maintenance in a shared facility with other companies.2 Outsourcing infrastructure management, reduced capital expenditure, operating expenditure, and flexible scalability are some of the reasons companies choose cloud data centers. There is a shift towards these data centers.

Types of collocation data centers

Colocation data centers can be further categorized as carrier-neutral or non-carrier-neutral data centers:


Head over to the Belzona blog to read the full post.