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Electrical Power Quality & Backup Power Systems (Generator and UPS)

CUC offers a comprehensive electrical power quality product line of surge protection, AC and DC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), generator backup systems and automatic transfer switches (ATS). In late 1992, CUC researched the marketplace to select only those systems that show the ability to perform the desired function: to improve the electric utility's performance. New manufacturers are evaluated regularly. Typical solutions include products from Eaton (Powerware), Emerson Network Power (Liebert) and Schneider IT (APC). Basic selection criteria for UPS systems manufacturers include surge suppression on bypass to ensure protection even when the UPS is not functioning properly, quality batteries, service/repair capabilities and manufacturer financial strength. Consultation with an Account Manager is recommended to select the appropriate technology and size for a given application. Get a jump start on your electrical power quality by reviewing the CUC Load Worksheet.UPS, Distribution and Power Quality

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